Elsewhere Book Review:

I remember when I moved to another school I remember entering my class and there was a book shelf and everybody was interested in reading twilight(which I did love those books as well lol) but for some reason this book with a snow-globe on the cover caught my attention with a unique simple name labeled on the snow globe “elsewhere”.  I also didn’t even want to read the mini summaries that books have on the back, this was the first time I felt like the book chose me might sound weird or lame to you but I was very curious and excited to read it. As soon as I did I was obsessed with the storyline. It was so well written and it always made me want to keep reading.


Elsewhere by: Gabrielle Zevin

The story of Liz was beautiful,sad and funny. The story is about a 15 yr old who is killed in a hit-n-run. When she wakes up she on a cruise she soon finds out that she has to live life with her grandma who she never got a chance to meet in Elsewhere; where people age backwards. I do not want to spoil the book because it was so good and it was actually nice to read something different, I read this book in 8th grade and I am in college now still thinking about it, it is a thought-provoking book. I cried my little heart out so much through the sad parts but it also made me feel like there was hope left and how people grieve loss not only her family but for Liz as well because she lost her future but gained something else in return ,which you will have to read to find out. This book was very lovely and I will always remember it. You fall in love with story, the characters and how unique this story really is. I hope one day again that a book attracts my attention the way this one did.

I would give this book a five-star rating because the flow of the story was so neat and it will definitely have you hooked and sobbing like a baby, every time someone ask me about a book I could recommend them I would recommend them this book trust me you will not regret it.


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Summer Essentials: Bright Colors

I have always loved the summer and being able to dress in bright happy colors while enjoying the summer breeze. Even though it can get really hot it is always good to brighten up your clothes with beautiful bright accessories or shoes that will give your simple outfit a dash of excitement. Whenever It is really hot I will wear a nice pair of light wash ripped denim jeans from Hollister or with shorts paired with a white tank top for the days that are extremely hot.


My Favorite color for the summer is bright yellows, sea-foam blues and gold accents on the jewelry or shoes. I really love gold jewelry because it compliments my skin-tone very well. My current favorite pair of shoes that I’ve been wearing a lot is from gojane.com they are called “Rocker Chic Faux Patent Flats” in the color lemon in a size 6. I do know that these are not available on the gojane site anymore but they do have different types that still do exist just, or you could also find bright shoes like this online on lolashoetique.com which have good prices for shoes and right now they do have a 20% off memorial day sale which ends May 24th using code SOLEHOT20. The ones I have cost me $26 dollars from go jane which may seem pricey for some people but it is well worth it. Gojane is also having a Memorial Day sale of everything up to 60% off so don’t miss out on these incredible sales.

I bought the necklace and earring flower set from Burlington Coat Factory for $12, which by the way is a good deal. Last but not least my favorite aviator shades from Wet Seal which was on sale for buy 2 sunglasses for $7.50 now that is a good bargain for some cute sunglasses which is a necessity for the bright summer days. 

Hope you enjoyed my summer essentials style post looking forward for more of these. I also have a new post about my travel experience to Italy coming soon. Hope everyone is having a lovely day.

Links for shoe and clothes sale lolashoetiquegojane


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Song for the day: 

Hello world!

IMG_7573 Hello everyone, My name is Sheila, I am 21 years old and I finally decided to make a blog which is something I have been planning on starting for a long time. I started this blog is because I feel like I want my voice to be heard sometimes because my sister and I are identical twins and sometimes it is nice to be noticed for things that I do. What this blog is going to be about is experiences in my life that could help people with whatever they go through, I also want to use this as a way of dealing with things. But this blog will also be about places I have traveled, beauty blog and stories from my twin sister Shelly and I. So hope you enjoy and next post will be here soon. xoxo, Justalovelygal ❤