Short Haul:

IMG_6228Back in October,

I ordered a bunch of items from colourpop to try and I was excited the shipping was fast took 2 days to process and 3 more days for shipping, which is not bad considering that I live in Pensacola and their company is in L.A.  I ordered 3 ultra matte liquid lips in the shades beeper, tulle, and Lax. In lippie pencils and matching lippie stix I ordered the shades in creature, poison and gIMG_6038runge. My last items were 2 eye shadows one in metallic which is LA LA and a matte shade in Central Perk and the gel liner swerve. I am ordering more for the holidays so I will post an official swatch post of them all, so far I’ve been loving them all and will give an in-depth review later.





Back At It:

It has been a while since I posted on my blog due to moving and starting classes again, which was hectic at first but now that I am back in the swing of things I really want to focus on improving my writing and sharing so many creative ideas I have and want to share. I really am looking forward to what I have planned, there are days where I question myself. Its always been a struggle for me of getting scared or backing out because I am very closed off but im gradually trying to break out of that.

I can be my own worst enemy at times and as I continue to grow , I realize that I am capable of great things if I do not overthink anything. But thanks for giving me a chance and providing feedback on my last posts. Can’t wait to post what I’ve been working on soon.



Hello world!

IMG_7573 Hello everyone, My name is Sheila, I am 21 years old and I finally decided to make a blog which is something I have been planning on starting for a long time. I started this blog is because I feel like I want my voice to be heard sometimes because my sister and I are identical twins and sometimes it is nice to be noticed for things that I do. What this blog is going to be about is experiences in my life that could help people with whatever they go through, I also want to use this as a way of dealing with things. But this blog will also be about places I have traveled, beauty blog and stories from my twin sister Shelly and I. So hope you enjoy and next post will be here soon. xoxo, Justalovelygal ❤